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Tech Into Ed is a site dedicated to professional educators in classrooms around the world. The focus is on practical, easy-to-use, cost-conscious, effective strategies for integrating technology seamlessly for the purpose of transforming instructional practice/delivery, student engagement, and demonstration of learning.

Brian Yearling, the primary thinker on the site. Brian is a former high school English teacher, and is now serving in an Instructional Technology Coordinator role for K-12 education.  Brian Yearling coaches educators exploring the role technology can play in their professional practice. With a focus on risk-taking, teacher creativity, removing technological barriers, and empowerment of teachers, Brian's goal is to help teachers identify their individual learning and growth pathway to make technology an influential and practical support to aid teaching and learning.

If you have a vision for transforming your school, instructional environment, or professional practice that may include the use of technology to create authentic, engaging, meaningful, collaborative, and creative learning experiences for students, connect with Brian Yearling to begin the conversation regarding his ability to support your instructional goals.