Getting Tech Into Ed - The Podcast Returns

Well, hello strangers.  It has been far, far, far too long!  As those of you who have visited the site previously can see, we went through some major upgrades since the last time we aired a new podcast.
What has changed?  Well, to begin with, our family has welcomed another member: Sophie Grace.  With our oldest daughter Ella keeping us constantly on our toes, and our bubbly little Sophia biding for our attention, that has been the primary change that has filled our lives.

However, passion is a tough element to suppress.   Educational technology has truly become a passion and a mission for me over the past few years, and I truly enjoy the opportunity to share new ideas and thoughts with you.

Another new element has been added to the show.  My wife, Stacy, has agreed to step into the world of Getting Tech Into Ed.  Stacy is a marvelous school psychologist with an upbeat, energetic passion for her work, a solid understanding and focus on literacy, experience with K-8 students/teachers, a limitless well of innovative ideas, and a wide array of interventions and techniques to help struggling and special education students.  Having her to assist me as we explore technological innovation and share our findings with you will certainly increase the depth and bredth of the topics we cover in the show.

Also, mobile podcasting has finally found GTIE.  I am now using an iPod Touch to record some of my podcasts.  One of the primary hang-ups for me is finding the time to get in the studio and record and edit new material.  Using the iPod Touch and an app called iPodcaStudio to record shows while on the go, I am able to overcome that issue.  One of the hangups at this point is a drop in sound quality, but I'm exploring ways to fix that with a new cable and a lapelle microphone.  I'll let you know how that experiment goes for me.  I am doing my best to take some of the road noise and "tininess" out of the mobile recordings, but that is definitely a work in progress.

What's in this episode?

In this episode I am recording in the car.  I have been eagerly anticipating attending the WEMTA conference for quite some time.  However, I began to think about the irony of my growing enthusiasm for attending this conference.  What is most exhilarating about attending a conference is sharing your ideas and taking new ideas from people at the conference.  However, these people are often complete strangers that we do not work with.  I questioned why I don't find this same enthusiasm to share ideas with my colleagues in my own department/building/district.

This show is my rambling thoughts on that issue.  It does provide some motivation and some ideas as to why I don't feel excited to share with my colleagues on a daily basis.  Perhaps in identifying why I do not attempt to share often (and I am as honest as I can be about the issue), I can begin to change that pattern to allow my closest colleagues to become a trusted part of my personal/professional learning network.  As I conclude in the show, in doing so, maybe I will find even greater satistfaction daily if I can begin to count on the people I work with to actively participate in the journey of integrating technology into their/our classroom instruction together.

Sign off

I want to thank you for your time in reading/listening and sharing this site/podcast with others.  I also want to encourage you to share your own ideas and reflections with Stacy and I.  Please email comments, show ideas, or feedback to

Here's to being back in the podcasting game!  You'll hear from us again soon.

Brian and Stacy Yearling

Getting Tech Into Ed co-hosts