Episode 10: Collaboration is Invigorating

Recently I finished my first attempt at teaching a masters level course in the use of multimedia in teaching and learning.  It was truly a great experience and the students were engaging, accepting, open-minded, and thought provoking in their response to the technology that was introduced throughout the class.

The letdown at the end of the class, however, is that the collaborative energy that is generated as we work with other motivated professionals has also come to an end.  This got me thinking: how can we sustain this important energy and enthusiasm in our professional lives without having to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to colleges and programs?  The reality is that it isn't as tough as it seems, but it takes a commitment to making it happen.  Listen to the podcast to hear just some of my ideas about how you can practically make it happen.
Just a suggestion: DO IT NOW!  Now most educators have a moment to breathe.  Set up your collaboration teams early in the summer!  Wait too long and summer will pass before your eyes.  Wait until fall and it will likely not happen.  How quickly we forget that the second that first bell rings we hold our breath and wait for a chance to breathe again; that next breath is generally not available until summer.
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Podcast: Collaboration is Podcasting