Pinterest - Social Bookmarking That is Both Graphic and Easy!

So, I'm not really sure where I learned about Pinterest, but thanks so much to whomever it was that pointed it out to me.  I dig the concept of social bookmarking.  It's a great idea conceptually.  However, when it comes to actually digging into all that text -- well, the urge to back away quickly without taking time to actually read the content is often stronger than my desire to will myself through it all.

That's really why I like Pinterest.  It's a graphic version of the links that I love from social bookmarking.  Way more manageable and digestable than so many of those other biggies.  It doesn't have everything I'd love in a social bookmarking site, but it is definitely worthy of a look from anyone who is just overwhelmed by all of the text and minutia of those the other social bookmarking biggies.


Here is the link to my first Pinterest Board:  Ed Tech Books Worth Reading

Disclaimer:  I KNOW they are not all "technology" books, but they are truly books about the elements needed to change any organization (specifically education), which means a move to more seamlessly integrated technology use by students to complete authentic I think that should qualify!