Who Cares About the Device??

Sometimes I think I am too connected...

I am a part of several list serves (yes those are still used), Twitter, Google+, etc.  The one thing that annoys me more than anything is when I have to read things like the following:

     1.  Device X is so much better than device Y.
     2.  I would never purchase Device X for     
     3.   Device Y is terrible because it lacks this

You get the idea...I call it Device Wars

In a 1:1 environment there are 2 critical things:

1.  An engaging teacher with rigorous lessons.

2.  A device.  Any device.  Who really cares?

Tech Directors, Tech Coaches, teachers arguing over which device is "better"........iPad, Chromebook, LearnPad...who cares? 

Certainly, each device has its positives and negatives.  Battery life, selection of Apps, and life of device cost are all factors to take into consideration.

Students need access to information.  Students need the ability to create.

Teachers need to adapt and be ready to prepare students for an information rich world.  Devices open up a whole new type of teaching and learning. 

So, teachers/leaders, stop arguing about which device is better, and focus on improving learning and teaching.  The kids are waiting.