Twitter Tag

Just started playing a fun new game on Twitter to promote our district day of professional learning focused on technology integration.  I am calling it #TwitterTag!

Twitter Tag has taken off for our event. We are seeing all sorts of people playing and it is generating a huge conversation around the event. 

So basically, here is how you play.

I started the game with this tweet:

Here are the key pieces you will need to start your own Twitter Tag fun.

  • hashtag for your event or chat (ex. #sdwone)
  • Twitter Tag title (I think the hands emojis help separate this out from "tags" on Twitter)
  • Sentence stem -- "At the One Conference I hope..."
  • And then "You're it!" and you name three people that are now to complete the sentence stem and pass the game along

I'm sure there are folks out there who might have better ideas for doing this. If so, feel free to share them with me.  However, it is key that you limit the number of people that can be tagged at once. Too many and you defeat the point of the game, which is encouraging people to engage in a conversation on Twitter.

Enjoy #TwitterTag everybody!