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Tech Into Ed: Switch from Wordpress to SquareSpace Platform

If you haven't already noticed, Getting Tech Into Ed has just undergone a major site redesign.  I've decided to take the focus off of managing my site and really focus on the content.

I am now hosted with SquareSpace and really enjoying the ease of beautifying my site without worrying about codes, sizes, compatibility, etc.

As always, I love to hear your feedback. What are your thoughts on the redesign, the usefulness of the site, or the quality of our content?


What is Getting Tech Into Ed?

Welcome to Getting Tech Into Ed, a show by educators for educators.  This show is intended to provide honest, practical advice to educators in all areas and at all grade levels in order to help educators transform their educational practice by removing the technological barriers many educators face.  In this show, Brian introduces himself and explains the first iteration of this show.