Are you a Google Chrome Ninja?

Old habits die hard.  That means that you have to have a pretty darn good reason for changing those old habits.  Based on what we are learning about Google Chrome, switching your preferred web browser is one of those habits you may soon want to consider taking on.


Some teaser "killer apps" for Google Chrome that may get you considering a change:


  • Easily switch between multiple Google accounts without logging out and back in
  • Never type in to your address bar again -- search Google right from the OmniBox (address bar) in Chrome
  • That same Omnibox (address bar) in your browser can also serve as a calculator -- just type an equation in and see
  • Easily bookmark your favorite sites, and have those bookmarks appear on any device with a Chrome browser that you log in to with a Google account 
  • Add incredible apps and extensions to the browser and make your working (and personal) life more fun and efficient (a timer extension that allows you to have a stop watch for group discussion sessions with students -- an image editing extension that allows you to screen shot and draw on/annotate photos from the web -- many more)


My personal Google Chrome Sensei, Molly Schroeder, has put together another masterful presentation/resource featuring some of the incredible tips and tricks that make Google Chrome a dynamite web browser.



If you want to take a look at some of Sensei Schroeder's favorite Google Extensions and Apps, look here -


*Warning - The possibilities may blow your mind!

**If you need additional Chrome assistance or questions, feel free to contact any member of the Instructional Technology Coordinator team for help.