Infographic to Pinpoint the Right Google Tool for the Job

For Google Apps newbies, one of the most overwhelming elements is being introduced to a wide variety of tools, each with a wide variety of abilities, and then trying to decipher which Google tool would be the best application for a particular need.  As in, "What I really want to do is ....  Do you use sites for that, or should I use Docs, or Blogger?"

I've created a flow chart for our teachers to utilize as they begin their exploration of Google Apps.  It leads with the statement, "I would really like to have my students..." and then their are a series of follow-up activities that teachers may have students do.  They are grouped by the Google tool that may best suit that need.
Here are the infographics.  Feel free to use, re-brand, re-shape, and re-think them.  Just keep them free and share them back!

Teaching with Google Apps Infographic
Learning with Google Apps Infographic